Annual Goldeneye
Long-leaf False-Goldeneye

Heliomeris longifolia
Viguiera annua

Heliomeris longifolia © by Michael Plagens

Observed in the New River Mountains, Maricopa Co., Arizona in September 2009.

LEAVES: Linear, opposite, rather stiff leaves with course pubescence.

ANNUAL HERB: Summer to fall annual with small, bright yellow sunflowers - one to several heads at ends of branches. Occasionally 1 m (occas. 1½ m) tall.

RANGE: Common at higher elevations in the Sonoran Desert near riparian washes. Much more common at higher semi-arid habitats as a component of desert grasslands and piñon juniper. Common to abundant across the southwestern United States.

FLOWERS: Yellow flowers are similar to those of Brittle Bush but the yellow color is darker, more orangish. Flowering mostly Aug and September.

ACHENE: Seeds are borne in heads and there is a papery bract subtending each floret. The top of the achene is without a pappus.

UNARMED. Without thorns.

Asteraceae -- Sunflower Family

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