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Canyon Morning Glory

Ipomoea barbatisepala

Ipomoea barbatisepala photo © by Michael Plagens

Photographed along Camp Creek, Maricopa Co., Arizona. Sept. 13, 2008. A larger image of Canyon Morning-glory has been uploaded to Wikimedia.

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VINE: Annual vine growing during hot summer months in response to monsoon rains. Stems twining up and through shrubs and small trees reaching several meters in length.

FLOWERS: Blue to pink funnel-form. Bright white in throat. Stiff hairs with enlarged bases on the flower sepals.

LEAVES: Leaves are variable but typically have five deep, narrow lobes.

RANGE: Mostly in foothill canyons of eastern Pima County, Arizona and ranging southeastward into the lower canyons of the Sky Islands and into mountains of the Chihuahuan Desert. This plant is apparently rare in Maricopa County where the specimen at left was observed.

FRUIT: Dry spherical capsules containing usually four seeds. The sepals with long stiff hairs remain attached below.

UNARMED. No thorns.

Convolvulaceae -- Morning Glory Family

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