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Morning Glory

Ipomoea hederacea

Photo © by Wikimedia User Pompilid

Photographed in Maricopa Co., Arizona 07 Oct. 2007. Photograph is also hosted at Wikimedia where there are more photos of morning glory species.

FLOWERS: Large (~9 cm wide), showy flowers are usu blue to lavender or purple in color. Funnel shaped.

VINE: Herbaceous vine with numerous twining stems extending up to several meters.

LEAVES: Leaves usu. three broad lobes - may have fewer or more lobes.

FRUIT: A globose capsule with usu. 4 seeds. The long, hirsute sepals are characteristic.

RANGE: A common weed in agricultural districts in the Sonoran Desert. Needs an abundance of water which generally excludes this plant from all but the wettest riparian habitats. Regulated as a noxious weed in Arizona - cultivation and transplant prohibited.


Convolvulaceae -- Morning Glory Family

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