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Jacaranda mimosifolia

Photo © by Michael Plagens

This photo was taken in an urban landscape setting, Glendale, Arizona, USA. May 2011. Two golden-brown seed pods are at lower right.

fissured and scaled bark of jacaranda is dark gray The large, tubular purple flowers are borne in dense sprays that ought to bring in bees or other pollinators. In deed the related bignon, Tecoma stans, brings in large carpenter bees, for example. But Jacarandas are native to South America and therefore, our native fauna has no relationship with these plants. The foliage is free of caterpillars, beetles, and sucking bugs. For as a fastidiuos gardener, this sounds great. But for bird lovers and people who appreciate arthropod diversity this is a wrong plant to add to our unique Sonoran Desert habitat.

Bignoniaceae -- Trumpet-creeper Family

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