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Janusia Vine

Janusia gracilis

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VINE: Grows up among low shrubs to rarely more than a few meters in length.

RANGE: Common on rocky slopes and sometimes along wash banks pretty much throughout the eastern Sonoran Desert and ranging east into the Chihuahuan Desert.

FRUIT: Red-tinged, conspicuously winged, with 3 or 2 seeds fused at base. The tripletted seeds resemble miniature maple seeds.

Janusia gracilis fruit photographed along Vekol Wash, Maricopa County, Arizona, USA. FLOWERS: Five bright yellow petals have long stalks (claws) and the petal margins are fringed.


LEAVES: Opposite leaves (two at each node) are small, ellyptic to linear and are more or less covered by fine silvery pubescence.

Mapighiaceae -- Malpighia Family

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