Justicia longii

Justicia longii Photo © by Michael J. Plagens

In a steep-banked arroyo s.w. of Castle Hot Springs, Yavapai Co., Arizona, USA. 12 Sept. 2015. Two, long white filaments are the pistils which remain attached to the developing ovary for a few days after the white corolla falls away.

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Justicia longii, close-up of flower, Photo © by Michael J. Plagens

FLOWERS: The delicate white flowers with three lower lips and two upper, open at night and fall off by mid morning the following day. The tube is very long and slender - designed to match the proboscis of a hawk moth, f. Sphingidae. Two dark stamens are affixed to the upper side of the throat, ready to dust the moth's head with pollen as it pushes in to get at the nectar in the bottom of the tube.


SHRUB: A small shrub, often with minimal live portions above the ground. Mostly less than 25 cm tall.

LEAVES: Leaves are drought and frost deciduous. Simple, lance-shaped leaves are opposite on the stems.

RANGE: This plant is widespread but is difficult to find.

FRUIT: Dry capsule.

Acanthaceae -- Acanthus Family

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