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Arizona Summer Poppy

Kallstroemia grandiflora

Kallstroemia grandiflora, photo by Michael Plagens

This specimen was photographed at the Gilber Water Ranch on 4 Sept 2006. The image has been uploaded in high resolution to Wikimedia

ANNUAL HERB: Appears quickly after summer rains commence and begins flowering after a few weeks. The plants ramble weakly across the ground forming mounds of flowers.  Check the vast fields in the photo at Firefly Forest.

LEAVES: Dark green, compound leaves with an even number of leaflets are alternate on the stems.  Stems are covered with stiff, bristly hairs.

RANGE: Upper Sonoran Desert particularly along the southern edge where the summer rains are more predictable.  Texas to California.

FLOWERS: Bright orange, five-petalled with ten stames. July to Sept.

Zygophyllaceae -- Caltrop Family

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