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Feather Bush
Desert Fern

Lysiloma watsonii
(L. microphylla)

Pen & Ink by Michael Plagens

Drawn from specimen growing at Desert Botanical Garden, Phoenix, Maricopa Co., AZ.

LEAVES: Large compound leaves are dissected into many very small leaflets giving the whole plant a feathery or fern-like appearance.

RANGE: In Sonoran Desert of Arizona this plant was originally restricted to foothill areas east of Tucson. But it has now been widely cultivated and is a very common landscape tree in Tucson and Phoenix, Arizona.

SHRUB/small TREE: Rarely exceed 5 meters in height. Often with multiple trunks from base.

FLOWERS: Spherical inflorescence of numerous flowers with long whitish stamens appearing as a fluff ball 15 mm dia.

FRUIT: Flattened bean pods with numerous seeds.


Fabaceae -- Bean Family

Mimosoideae -- Mimosa Subfamily

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