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Cheeseweed Mallow

Malva parviflora


image © by Michael Plagens

Scanned from specimen collected in Phoenix, Maricopa Co., Arizona. 5 March 2003.

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ANNUAL HERB: Course weed of roadsides and vacant lots. Reaches a meter or more in height with favorable moisture.
LEAVES: About 4 to 10 cm wide and appearing plicate (folded like a fan - the specimen at left, however, has been pressed flat.).
FLOWERS: Very small flowers are clustered close to the stem and have very short pale lavender petals. Blooms in early to late spring.
RANGE: Found in the Sonoran Desert wherever there is suitable moisture, especially areas impacted by man and getting irrigation water from agriculture or landscaping.

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Photography by Curtis Clark

The flowers and fruit of Malva parviflora are about 10mm wide and are on very short peduncles, i.e. clustered closs to the stem. This very close-up, macro image is hosted at Wikimedia where ther are more photos of Malvaceae

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