Parry Dalea
Parry's False Prairie Clover

Marina (Dalea) parryi

Marina parryi, Watercolor Illustration © by Michael J. Plagens

Watercolor from live specimen found in the Maricopa Co., Arizona.

FLOWERS: Delicate purple and whitish pea-flowers arranged into delicate spikes. Blooming can occur most any time of year, but mostly mid to late spring.

SHRUB: A small suffrutescent (barely shrubby) plant with frail stems; plants rarely rising more than 30 cm from ground.


LEAVES: Pinnately compound leaves with an odd number of 5 to 13 leaflets.

FRUIT: small single seeded pod.

RANGE: This is a very common plant is found in southwestern Arizona and Sonora. Because it is so small an slender it usually requires careful searching, best done in mid to late spring.

Fabaceae -- Bean Family

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Marina parryi, photo © by Michael J. Plagens

Blooming despite dry conditions in the Little Ajo Mts., Pima Co., Arizona, USA. 11 March 2016,

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