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Adonis Blazing Star

Mentzelia multiflora

Pen & Ink © by Michael Plagens

class="photocap">Pen & Ink illustration © by Michael Plagens from specimen observed at Gila Mountains, Yuma Co., Arizona, USA. 27 Feb. 1994. a) enlarged view of a flower after petals have fallen away revealing numerous stamens and persitent sepals, b) cross section of fruit, c) example of a petaloid stamen - one that is flattened and somewhat petal-like.

LEAVES: Leaves are covered with minute hooked hairs that allow the leaf to readily adhere to clothing, etc. Wavy toothed elongate leaves.

FLOWERS: Bright yellow flowers with star-like arangement of five or more pointed petals appear late spring through fall. Stamens many. Staminoidea present.

FRUIT: Stiff, hooked hairs on fruit also. Sepals remain attached at top of inverted conical capsule containing many seeds.

RANGE: Grows especially in deep sandy desert washes. Fairly common across the Sonoran Desert.

HERB: A robust mostly herbaceous plant sometime more than one meter tall.


Loasaceae -- Loasa Family

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