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Parry's Beargrass

Nolina parryi

Nolina parryi, photo © by Mike Plagens

Observed at Joshua Tree National Monument, California. 30 April 2010.

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SUCCULENT: Single stems or sometimes with a few branches rising to a height of 2 meters (not including flower stalk.

UNARMED: Neither the leaf tips nor the margins are sharp.

LEAVES: Many, many long strap-shaped leaves are flexible and with fine teeth along the margins.

RANGE: More common in the Mojave Desert than the Sonoran. In just a few locations in western Arizona. More frequent in California's desert mountains.

FLOWERS: The flowers are borne on tall, spindly branches and crowded with numerous papery bracts in addition. There are numerous shortspaced side branches and tens of thousands of small flowers. Flowers in late spring.

FRUIT: Small fruits are dry when mature and have one to three seeds.

Agavaceae -- Agave Family

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