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Standley Cloak Fern
Star Cloak Fern

Notholaena standleyi

Photo by Mike Plagens

Growing from crevices in metamorphic igneous rocks in the Phoenix Mountains Preserve, Maricopa Co., Arizona. Photographed 05 Jan 2007. This photo is hosted at Wikimedia where there are additional images of fern species.

FRONDS: Bipinnatly compound leaves have the long axis shortened so that the usu. five segments make the frond appear five-pointed. Undersides are coated with waxy, yellow powder.

FERN: The fern grows from beneath boulders and cliff edges. When drought returns the fronds may curl and turn brownish reviving when moisture returns.

RANGE: Fairly common throughout the Sonoran Desert of Arizona on rocky slopes where there is shade and temporary seeps of moisture.

UNARMED. No thorns or spines.

Pteridaceae -- Maidenhair Fern family

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