Mixed-nut Comb Bur

Pectocarya heterocarpa

Pectocarya heterocarpa photo © by Michael Plagens

15 km south of Aguila, Maricopa Co., Arizona, March 19, 2017.

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SPRING ANNUAL: Ephemeral spring annual appearing in the Sonoran Desert late Jan. to early April depending on moisture.

FLOWERS: Minute, five-petaled, white flowers in small clusters.

FRUIT: Four slightly curved and spreading nutlets of two or more distinct shapes.

LEAVES: Linear and grass-like with numerous appressed hairs.

STEMS: Entirely herbaceous and ephemeral usu. less than 10 cm tall.

RANGE: Less common than the other comb bur species, but found across the Sonoran Desert on rocky slopes and flats in similar situations.

Boraginaceae -- Borage Family

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