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Pennsylvania Pellitory

Parietaria pennsylvanica

Pelitory, Parietaria pennsylvanica, photo © by Michael Plagens

The small, green flowers of Pelitory, Parietaria hespera, are arranged close to the stem and below the leaves and thus are very obscure. This plant was growing near a waste bin enclosure in Phoenix, Maricopa Co., Arizona, USA on February 2010.

ANNUAL HERB: An ephemeral weed of mostly urban and agricultural settins in the Arizona Sonoran Desert. With abundant water plants will grow to ½ m tall.

FRUIT: Small single seeded capsules enclosed in greenish sepals and bracts.

RANGE: This herb is native to North America and is generally distributed across the continent.

LEAVES: Elongate triangular leaves usually have a long tappered tip.

FLOWERS: Small, greenish and without showy petals.

UNARMED: Unlike many members of this family, there are no stinging hairs.

Urticaceae -- Nettle Family

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