Gila Rock Daisy

Perityle gilensis

Gila Rock Daisy, Perityle gilensis, photo © Michael Plagens

Observed growing from rhyolite cliff face at Boyce Thompson Arboretum, Superior, Arizona. March 2014

inflorescence of Perityle gilensis

Close-up of a flowering head, Perityle gilensis, Superior, Arizona, March 2014.

PERENNIAL: Shrubby herb with basal portions woody and reaching a spread of about one meter with numerous slender twigs.

LEAVES Most leaves are divided into three linear to oblong lobes.

RANGE : Central Arizona from the Superstition Mountains south to the Gila River - an Arizona endemic. Grows especially on porous volcanic rock on vertical cliff faces.

FLOWERS: Composite heads of yellow disc and yellow ray flowers. Blooming mid spring and occasionally after summer rains in the early autumn.

ACHENE: Usually two fine bristles on the crown.

Asteraceae -- Sunflower Family

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habitat of Perityle gilensis

White Canyon Wilderness, Pinal Co., Arizona, March 2014.

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