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Common Reed

Phragmites australis

Phragmites australis photo © by Michael Plagens

Giant Reed grows abundantly adjacent to canals and river courses along the Colorado River where it flows through the Sonoran Desert. North of Yuma, Arizona, February 2011. Detail of inflorescence at right.

PERENNIAL: A large, wet-land grass that normally grows in saturated soil at the margins of rivers or lakes. May reach a height of three meters or more.

Arundo donax inflorescence photo © by Michael Plagens

LEAVES: Large grass blades usually about a half-meter long.

RANGE: Found along the permanent rivers and canals. This plant grows in similar situations nearly World-wide.

FRUIT: Small grains a few mm long.

FLOWERS: Large, open panicle with thousands of spikelets.


Poaceae -- Grass Family

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