Thick-leaved Ground Cherry

Physalis crassifolia

Physalis crassifolia Photo by Stan Shebs

This photo was taken in Nelson Canyon, Clark County, Nevada, March, 2005, by Wikimedia User:Stan Shebs. License Information Click Here.

PERENNIAL HERB: Low growing, usu less than 20 cm tall. Begins blooming mid spring. Additional new growth may appear after summer monsoon rains.

LEAVES: Leaves are rather thick and rubbery, smooth-margined, and are heart-shaped or ovate.

FLOWERS: Rich yellow nightshade type flowers born in umbellate groups. Late spring to fall.

FRUIT: Many-seeded berries enclosed in a papery sheath.

RANGE: Fairly common along washes and in partial shade of cliffs.


Family: Solanaceae

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