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Salt Marsh Fleabane

Pluchea odorata


Photo © by Michael Plagens

Photographed along the Salt River in Maricopa Co., Arizona. 18 Oct. 2007. This photo is also hosted at the Wikimedia Project where there are many more images of Pluchea.

RANGE: Common to uncommon in the Sonoran Desert along moist margins of rivers usu. where the soil is partly saline or alkaline. Ranges across the southern tier of the United States and hence through tropical America.

LEAVES: Elyptic leaves are alternate on the stems and are very ill-scented. Stems and midribs take on the lavender hue of the flowers.

PERENNIAL: Regrows from underground root stock to usu. less than 1 m tall.

FLOWERS: The compound flowers lack rays. The phyllaries and upper stems all take on the vivid purple-lavender hue. Blooming mostly late in summer and autumn.

ACHENE: Seeds are borne in heads and they have a pappus of numerous fine bristles.


Asteraceae -- Sunflower Family

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