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White Cudweed
White Rabbit-Tobacco

Pseudognaphalium leucocephalum

Photo © by Michael Plagens
Photo © by Michael Plagens

Observed along Camp Creek, n.e. Maricopa Co., Arizona, USA. October 2009.

FLOWERS: Numerous small heads of small yellowish florets surrounded by many pearly white bracts. The stems supporting the pannicles of small flower heads are white with dense hairs.

RANGE: Found in moist, shady spots along riparrian corridors in the Sonoran Desert. Otherwise found in southern California and east into Texas.

LEAVES: When crushed, leaves emit lemon-like aroma. Linear leaves are crowded on stems and are decurrent, i.e. the blade of the leaf continues down onto the stem. Underside of leaves with dense white hairs.

BIENNIAL HERB: Upright stems mostly about 1 m tall grow vegetatively one year and bloom the next. Blooming in summer after summer rains.

FRUIT: Small seeds with a serries of bristles at the top.


Asteraceae -- Sunflower Family

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