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Lobed Ground Cherry
Chinese Lantern

Quincula lobata
Physalis lobata

Photo © by Michael Plagens

Photographed west of Palo Verde, Maricopa Co., Arizona. March 2008.

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FRUIT: The sepals form an inflated, yellow-brown calyx surrounding the developing fruit. Small, green berry inside with several to many seeds.

PERENNIAL: Herbaceous above ground and normally low growing, less than 35 cm tall, but trailing on ground. Not apparent after extended drought.

LEAVES: Dark green leaves are elyptic and usu. with broad, lobe-like teeth on margins.

RANGE: Tends to occur where an underground water supply is available for at least part of year. Riparian or damp alkaline. Also found in adjoining areas, California to Texas, and Sonora, Mexico.

FLOWERS: Saucer-shaped flowers with dark purple corolla and white throat. Blooming in spring and occasionally after summer rains.

UNARMED. Without thorns/spines.

Solanaceae -- Nightshade Family

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