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Sonoran Desert Citrus

Oranges, grapefruits and lemons are widely cultivated in the Sonoran Desert. But there are also three native species in this family with aromatic foliage and fruit.

Turpentine Broom

Thamnosma montana

Hop Tree

Ptelea trifoliata

Photo © by Mike Plagens

Numerous mostly leafless yellow-green stems forming a meter wide hemisphere. Strongly pungent aroma. Chaparral and overgrazed areas along upper elevations of the Sonoran Desert. Gaudy purple flowers. Detailed Description

Photo © by Mike Plagens

A usu. small tree or shrub with shiny, trifoliate leaves. Conspicuous winged samaras by summer into fall. Uncommon in the Sonoran Desert - more likely in chaparral or shady, wooded canyons. Detailed Description

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