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Sonoran Desert Willows

Trees or large shrubs with alternate, simple leaves. Flowers in dense, catkin-like spikes. Seeds comose. Several species.

Gooding's Willow

Salix goodingii

Fremont Cottonwood

Populus fremontii

Pen & Ink Illustration © by Mike Plagens

Medium to large tree strictly in the narrow riparian habitats along Sonoran Desert streams. Elyptic, toothed leaves. Common in its habitat.   Detailed Description

Photo © by Mike Plagens

Medium to very large tree of Sonoran Desert riparian habitat. Wedge-shaped, alternate leaves. Cottony seeds.    Detailed Description

Red Willow

Salix laevigata

Coyote Willow

Salix exigua

Pen & Ink © by Mike Plagens

Small tree of deep, shady canyons with plenty of damp soil. Margins of leaves finely serrated.   Detailed Description

Photo by Mike Plagens

Large shrub (multi-stemmed from base) of riverways and stream beds. Leaves with a few serrations. This photo is hosted at Wikimedia     Detailed Description

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