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Sonoran Desert Soapberries

Shrubs or small trees with simple or compound alternate leaves. Small flowers in panicles. Fruit a drupe or winged samara.

Western Soapberry

Sapindus saponaria

Hop Bush

Dodonaea viscosa

Watercolor Illustration © by Mike Plagens

A usu. small tree often forming thickets of several trees. Pinnately compound, winter deciduous leaves. In canyons and on rocky slopes mostly at the upper elevations of the the Sonoran Desert and in transition to chaparral. Panicles of white flowers in May. Golden yellow berries. Detailed Description

Pen & Ink illustration © Mike Plagens

Evergreen shrub with dark resinous leaves. Conspicuous fruits are papery winged and come in shades of brown and maroon. Upper elevations of the Sonoran Desert and in chaparral habitat. Rocky slopes.   Detailed Description

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