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Mediterranean Grass

Schismus barbatus


Photo by Michael Plagens

This photo was taken in Phoenix, May 2006. A full resolution image is hosted at Wikimedia.

WINTER-SPRING ANNUAL : Low growing tufted grass mostly less than 20 cm tall.

LEAVES Very narrow blades. Notice long hairs at ligules.

RANGE : Abundant in many areas of the Sonoran, Chihuahuan and Mohave Deserts of Arizona, Sonora, California especially where original vegetation has been damaged/removed. Vacant urban lots and road sides for example. Exotic invasive with a considerable impact on fire ecology. Schismus arabicus is very similar and is also called Mediterranean Grass and has also been introduced in the southwest deserts.

FLOWERS: Small spikelets on narrow spiked inflorescence.

Poaceae -- Grass Family

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