Lemmon's Ragwort

Senecio lemmonii

Senecio lemmonii photo © by Michael J. Plagens

Along side the trail into White Canyon Wilderness, Pinal Co., Arizona. 30 March 2014.

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FLOWERS: Heads consist entirely of yellow rays and yellow disc florets. The tips of the phyllaries often have dark points. Blooms mid to late spring.

PERENNIAL HERB: Woody at crown and just a bit above the soil line, but with most of current growth herbaceous.

LEAVES: Well distributed along stems. Lance-shaped leaves may have bases widened or lobed. Margins have some obscure teeth.

FRUIT: Seeds are topped with a crown of fine, white bristles.

RANGE: A fairly common plant in upland Sonoran Desert along the eastern borders mostly on rocky slopes.

UNARMED: Plant is without thorns.

Family: Asteraceae

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