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Bigpod Sesbania

Sesbania herbacea
(S. exaltata)

Sesbania herbacea, Digital photography © by Michael Plagens

Growing in shallow water along the Salt River in Phoenix, Maricopa Co., Arizona, USA. Oct. 2009.

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ANNUAL: Tall herbaceous annual growing at edges of marshes and slow-moving rivers often rooted in submerged soil and reaching a hight of 2 m or more.

FRUIT:The bean pods are very long and slender. Many small dark beans within about the size of a rice grain. Often grows as a weed in rice fields and the seeds can occasionally be found in sacks of processed rice.

FLOWERS: Small, yellow pea-flowers with some orangish blotches.

RANGE: In the Arizona Sonoran Desert this plant occurs along major rivers in calmer backwater/edges. Found across the southern tier of the United States into tropical America.

LEAVES: Long, pinnately compound leaves with numerous leaflets.


Fabaceae -- Bean Family

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