Gum Bumelia
Chittamwood / Gum Bully

Sideroxylon lanuginosa

Sideroxylon lanuginosa Pen & Ink © by Michael Plagens

RANGE: Very uncommon in the Sonoran Desert of Arizona. It will be encountered only in southeastern portions of the Sonoran Desert in shady, well watered canyons.

LEAVES: Oblong or spatulate leaves are soft hairy beneath. New leaves are fuzzy on both surfaces, but the top surfaces soon becomes smooth.

FRUIT: Berry-like fruits are black, about 13 mm diameter.

SHRUB: A medium to large shrub in Arizona.  Grows to small tree size in Texas & n. Mexico. Cut twigs exude milky sap.

FLOWERS: Small, inconspicuous, white flowers occur in clusters.

ARMED: The twigs bear sharp, sturdy thorns.

Sapotaceae -- Sapote Family

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