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Common Chickweed

Stellaria media

Photo © by Michael Plagens

Found growing in an urban garden in Glendale, Arixona. April 2009.

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ANNUAL: Obscure weed in the Sonoran Desert restricted mostly to irrigated agricultural areas and gardens. Grows mostly prostrate along soil barely rising more than a few centemeters tall or upright in moister, more suitable habitat.

LEAVES: Leaves are triangular to ovate and opposite on the stem. The new growth is fleshy-succulent.

RANGE: An introduced weed native to Eurasia. Occasionally found in damp margins of riparian habitats.

FRUIT: Minute capsules containing a several very small seeds.

FLOWERS: The five white petals are each divided lengthwise into two lobes making the flower appear to have ten petals. But the flowers are very small and the petals are shed quickly and often go unnoticed. May flower anytime of year that moisture is sufficient.


Caryophyllaceae -- Pink Family

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