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Pricklyleaf Dogweed

Thymophylla acerosa

PERENNIAL / SUBSHRUB : Low growing with a slightly woody crown usu. less than 30 cm tall.

LEAVES Leaves simple, essentially linear, and often clusted at nodes and thus appearing compound. Under magnification translucent oil glands can be seen which freely emit pungent terpene-like odor.

RANGE : Fairly common on rocky slopes and washes across Arizona incl. the Sonoran Desert ranging eastward into the Chihuahuan Desert. The specimen above was in sandy/silty soil near the Gila River.

FLOWERS: Small, yellow-rayed inflorescences (composite heads) with yellow disc flowers appearing late summer and fall. Oil glands also on the phyllaries.

For many years this variety was known as Dyssodia acerosa DC.

Asteraceae -- Sunflower Family

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