Sonoran Desert Verbenas

Mostly perenial herbs; few shrubs. Stems often angled. Tubular flowers often in capitate panicles. Foliage often aromatic.


Aloysia wrightiii

Dakota Mock Vervain

Glandularia bipinnatifida

Pen & Ink Illustration © by Mike Plagens

An intricately branched woody shrub with very small blue-white flowers in elongate spikes. Opposite leaves with pungent, oregano-like aroma. Found in the Sonoran Desert mostly on rocky bajadas or partially shaded cliff faces. Detailed Description

Photo Illustration © by Mike Plagens

A brightly colored perennial of the upper elevations in the Sonoran Desert. Leaves clearly disscected and with rather stiff hairs. Detailed Description

Chaste Tree

Vitex agnus-castus


Lantana camara

Widely cultivated shrub or small tree becoming established in moist habitats near cities. Spikes of purple flowers. Palmately compound leaves. Detailed Description

wild type lantana growing as voluteer in Phoenix, Arizona

Cultivated shrub with abundant flowers and green foliage. Many volunteer in waste places near the cities. Detailed Description

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Sonoran Desert Places


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