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Soaptree Yucca

Yucca elata

Photo © by Stan Shebs

This photo was taken by Stan Shebs in a demonstration garden in Las Vegas, Nevada. This image is hosted at Wikipedia

SUCCULENT: Large succulent of tree-sized proportions. Up to 4 m tall or more. Several stems may appear in a clump. Most of the stems are unbranched above the ground level.

LEAVES: Long, strap-like leaves are sharp at tip. Margins have abundant shredding fibers.

RANGE: Upper elevations in the Sonoran Desert, above 900 m, usu. in transition to desert grassland habitats.

FLOWERS: Large white flowers with six white sepals are borne in large panicles high above the whole plant.

FRUIT: Elyptic, about 7 cm. Three-parted capsules dry and split on maturity.

Agavaceae -- Agave Family

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