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Sharp-shinned Hawk

Accipiter striatus

Accipiter striatus photo © by Robert Shantz

This Sharp-shinned Hawk was photographed adjacent to Sycamore Creek in the foothills of Four Peaks, Maricopa Co., Arizona. 27 Nov. 2009.

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Accipiters are predators of other birds and move into areas where smaller birds are abundant. During the hot summer months they are normally absent from the lowest, hot regions of the Sonoran Desert. Come winter two common accipiter species return from higher elevations and latitudes and may be found throughout the Sonoran Desert. Cooper's Hawk is usually slightly larger. Otherwise they are very similar - the tails of sharp-shinned hawks are squared-off and cooper's more rounded. Often it's best to be cautious and identify them to genus only, i.e. Accipiter sp.! Both species often hunt around bird feeders provided by people.

Winter Resident - Migrates North in Spring/Summer

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