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Ring-necked Duck

Aythya collaris

This handsome drake (male) has a white ring around the base of the bill and another close to the tip. The obscure purplish ring on the neck is not easily observed in the field. Photo by Mike Plagens in Phoenix, Arizona at Scottsdale Pavillion Ponds. January 2009.

The Ringed-neck Duck hen is more drably colored, the better to hide from predators and to keep her youg safe. A white ring around the base of the beak is distinctive. This bird was photographed in central Phoenix, Arizona, Jan. 2009.

These are among the more common migratory ducks found on urban ponds and lakes in the greater Phoenix, Arizona area from late fall through early spring. During the rest of the year they live on ponds and lakes in the northern half of the United States and Canada. They forage by diving down to pluck invertebrates and plant material from the pond bottom. One item seen being eaten are Asian Clams, Corbicula fluminea. Notice the bright white rings on the beak; the purplish neck ring is not so easy to see.

Anatidae -- Duck Family

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