Greater Earless Lizard

Cophosaurus texanus

Greater Earless Lizard, Cophosaurus texanus © Mike Plagens

Photo of male Greater Earless Lizard by Mike Plagens on 3 May 2009. Observed along the First Water Trail in the Superstition Wilderness, Maricopa Co., Arizona, USA.

Once warmed up to operating temperature these lizards are extraordinarily fleet of foot. Binoculars are helpful for getting a close look. This species differs from the Zebra-tailed Lizard in that the dark lateral chevrons are just anterior of the hind legs. Zebra-tails also have an ear slit - something that cannot be seen easily at a distance.

Predators of mostly insects and other invertebrates. They tunnel into loose sand for nesting and to escape temperature extremes. Found in the Sonoran Desert mostly at the upper elevations above 800 m. and ranging into higher elevations of chaparral habitat.

Phrynosomatidae -- N. A. Spiny Lizard Family

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