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Rock Wren

Salpinctes obsoletus

Photo © by Michael Plagens

Photo taken at North Mountain, Phoenix, Maricopa Co., Arizona. March 2005.

Rock Wrens are among the most commonly encountered birds in the Sonoran Desert. As their name implies they are most at home on rocky slopes and around small mountains. Food consists primarily of insects and spiders that they extract from nooks and crevices with their longish beak. Rock Wrens are year-round residents in the Sonoran Desert but some individuals migrate as far north as Southwestern Canada during the summer.
There is a pale eye-stripe and ever-so-faint streaking on the breast; otherwise this 15 cm long bird is drabbish brown-gray, matching closely the color of its habitat. Rock Wrens often call a loud trill from the top of a prominent boulder or even the very summit of a mountain thus announcing their territory. Some places where these birds can be seen very easily include North Mountain and Camelback Mountain in Phoenix and Usery Mountain Park in Mesa, Arizona


Year-round Resident - Little or no Migration

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