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American Robin

Turdus migratorius

Photo © by Michael Plagens taken at Sycamore Creek, Maricopa Co., Nov 2009

This American Robin is feeding on the fleshy cones of Red-berry Juniper, Juniperrus coahuilensis, in the foothills of Four Peaks, Maricopa Co., Arizona. Nov. 2009.

Distinguishing Characteristics: Chest and belly rufous-orange, wings and back dark brown-black, throat and lower belly white. There is a broken, white ring around each eye. Beaks are sturdy and straight.

Robins sometimes appear in the Sonoran Desert during the winter months in great numbers. Some years, however, they are rare to absent. They arrive in search of fruit. The native, Sonoran Desert plants most likely to feed them are hackberries, desert mistletoe, and junipers. Come summer they move upslope or to northern latitudes to breed where their usual food becomes insects and worms.

Winter Resident - Migration North for Summer Breeding

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