Lucy's Warbler

Vermivora luciae

Photo © by Mike Plagens, Lucy's Warbler, Vermivora luciae, photo from Pbase.

This bird is foraging in a palo verde tree for small insects and spiders and was photographed hear Harquahala Mountains, Maricopa Co, Arizona, USA. May 2020.
Find more photos of birds in the collection of photographer Thomas Heinrich - please visit his gallery for more wonderful shots.

When mesquite trees, palo verdes and willows are adding a flush of new leaves in the spring, there is an abundance of insect prey and Lucy's Warbler's arrival from the Neotropics coincides. Mesquite Bosque and edges of riparian habitat in the Sonoran Desert are the preferred habitats. Come autumn these insect-dependent warblers migrate way south to the Neotropics and return to the Sonoran Desert around April each year. Quite an amazing feat for an animal that weighs between two and three USA dimes (10c coin).

Spring (March to May) Breeder - Migration to Neotropics in Winter

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