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Bell's Vireo

Vireo bellii

Vireo bellii photo by Steve Maslowski

Photo by Steve Maslowski of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Fish and Wildlife Service copyright policy.

Bell's Vireo is a very common bird in mesquite bosques and along riparian corridors in the Sonoran Desert. Their arrival in early spring is a sign of warm and then hot weather to come. They flit incessantly from branch to branch gleaning insects and spiders from foliage, making them hard to spot. When they sing they often do so from a concealed perch. Thus Bell's Vireo often goes unseen; instead its presence is heralded by its loud and distinct song. Bell's Vireos are small, less than 12 cm in length, slightly bigger than our common hummingbirds. The drab olive-green and pale underside allow them to become nearly invisible within the dense foliage where they hunt.

Spring to Early Autumn Resident - Migration to Mexico & Central America for winter months

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