Mount Lemmon Highway

Feb 14, 1998

Just a very few flowers beginning to bloom from 900 m to 1200 m elevation.
Common Name Color Flower Size & Shape Special Notes and Info Where to Look
Wolf Berry Cream-Purple 4 mm long tubes w/4 or 5 pts. Woody shrubs, 2 m, with some thorns. Hummingbird plant. Gets red berries. hillsides, washbanks
Pepper Grass White Small, 2 mm, 4 petals Herbs 30 cm tall. Delicate racemes. Disc-shaped seeds 3 mm dia. Roadsides; beneath Palo Verde Trees
Turpentine Bush Yellow Yellow-Daisy like, 4 cm shrubby up to 1.5 m, evergreen foliage with piney odor Hillsides. Just a few left blooming after fall.
Canyon Ragweed Green no petals. many on a spike 1 to 2 m tall. Causes hay fever. Large, course leaves In and along desert washes, roadsides
Rose-Purple Tubular, 10 mm long, 2-lipped Low herb up to 50 cm tall. Squarish stems. Flowers in leaf axils. Rocky slopes

Contributed by Susan C.

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