Cedar Waxwing

Bombycilla cedrorum

Photo © by Michael Plagens taken at Greenbelt National Park, Maryland. June 2010

This Cedar Waxwing was feeding on choke cherries in Greenbelt N. P., Maryland in June 2010.

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When fruit is available in Arizona's sycamore woodlands, Cedar Waxwings often show up. The birds move about in small groups over large distances and have an uncanny ability to know where and when food is available. Among the fruits in Arizona that draw in fruit-eating birds including waxwings are Desert Mistletoe, Canyon Grape, Netleaf Hackberry, and Utah Juniper. Absent during the summer months when the birds are on their breeding grounds in the northern Untied States and Canada.

Distinguishing Characteristics: A swept-back crest on the head. Tan and yellow feathers. Medium sized bill. Black eye mask. Longish tail with yellow band at tip.

Bombycillidae -- Waxwing Family

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