Rock Rattlesnake

Crotalus lepidus

Rock Rattlesnake, Crotalus lepidus, photo © by Michael Plagens

Sunnyside Canyon, Huachuca Mts., Arizona. 02 Sept. 2012.

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From Wikipedia:
This small species rarely exceeds 32 in (81.3 cm) in length. It has a large, rounded head, and fairly heavy body for its size, with eyes with vertical pupils. Like other rattlesnakes, its tail has a rattle, which is composed of keratin. The color pattern varies greatly, but generally reflects the color of the rock in the snake's natural environment. Snakes found near areas of predominantly limestone tend to be a light grey in color, with darker grey banding. Snakes found at higher altitudes have darker colors.

Crotalidae -- Rattlesnake Family

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