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Yellow Warbler

Dendroica petechia

Photo © by Robert Shantz

This Yellow Warbler was photographed by Robert Shantz. Juan Miller Road at Blue River north of Morenci, Arizona March 31, 2004.

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Where there are sycamores, willows, or cottonwoods in Arizona there are likely to be Yellow Warblers. Males are largely bright yellow with reddish streaking on the breast and brownish-gray wings; females are largely dull-yellow. Warblers are largely insectivorous and their principal foods are caterpillars and other arthropods cleaned from foliage. Their breeing season coincides with the the peak populations foliage-eating insects in mid-spring. Generous summer monsoons might trigger a second breeding. During the winter months these migrants return to the tropics where insect prey remain available.

Mostly Spring/Summer Only - migrates to tropics for winter

Parulidae -- New World Warbler Family

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