Elegant Earless Lizard

Holbrookia elegans

Elegant Earless Lizard, Holbrookia elegans, © by Michael Plagens. July 2010

Observed at Peña Blanca Canyon, Sta. Cruz Co., Arizona, USA, July 2013.

Some authorities regard this colorful lizard to be a subspecies of the Lesser Earless Lizard. One difference is that the dorsal dark chevrons extend a third of the way down the tail. The underside of the tail is unmarked, in contrast to the Greater Earless and Zebra-tailed Lizards. The dorsal base color varies considerably from gray, tan, or orange depending on the substrate color where each population lives. About mid way between the front and rear legs there are two dark bars on either side of the venter - these may be visible in a lateral view.

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Phrynosomatidae -- Spiny Lizard Family

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