Bigtooth Maple

Acer grandidentatum

Bigtooth Maple, Acer grandidentatum, © by Michael Plagens

Observed in Ramsey Canyon, Huachica Mountains, Arizona, USA. 01 Aug. 2018.

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LEAVES: The thin, supple leaves are deciduous and dark green in summer. Turn red in fall.

FLOWERS: Small greenish flowers in clusters.

TREE: A medium sized tree in Arizona's riparian habitats often with dark fissured bark.

RANGE: In moist shady canyons along the Mogollon Rim and about the high Sky Islands. Found at the higher elevations and in canyons of the conifer zones. Western mountain ranges from Arizona to Canada.

FRUIT: The winged fruits typical of all maples are set in pairs.


Bigtooth Maple, Acer grandidentatum, © by Michael Plagens

Aceraceae -- Maple Family

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