Tree of Heaven

Ailanthus altissima

Tree of Heaven, Ailanthus altissima, © by Michael Plagens

Observed near Page Springs, Yavapai Co., Arizona, USA. August 2011.

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LEAVES: Long (often > ½ m) compound leaves with serrated margins.

FLOWERS: Large groups of small yellow-green flowers.

TREE: A medium sized tree in Arizona's riparian habitats.

RANGE: Here and there in Arizona having escaped cultivation into stretches with moist soil conditions. It is considered usually to be a very unwelcome exotic and invasive weed. A welcome tree in some cities and widely spread throughout North America having originated from China.

FRUIT: The single seeds are surrounded by a wide and elongate wing of tissue that allows seed to sail far in the wind.


Simaroubaceae -- A Small, Mostly Tropical Family

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