Arizona Madrone

Arbutus arizonica

Arizona Madrone, Arbutus arizonica, © by Michael Plagens

Observed in Madera Canyon, Sta. Rita Mountains, Arizona, USA. 10 Sept. 2010.

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LEAVES: Top surfaces are dark, shiny green, margins are serrated, and the petioles are red.

FLOWERS: Groups of small white vase-shaped flowers open in spring.

TREE: A medium sized tree in Arizona's riparian habitats often with a gnarled, ancient look.

RANGE: This Mexican Madrean species occurs in Arizona only in the border region canyons. It is more common south of the border in the Sierra Madre.
unripe fruit of Arizona Madrone, Arbutus arizonica, © by Michael Plagens

FRUIT: The berries turn red and then darken when ripe and are rather dry. The surface is finely wrinkled.


Ericaceae -- Heath Family

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