Cnidoscolus angustidens

Mala-Mujer, Cnidoscolus angustidens, photo © by Michael Plagens

On a rocky slope near Josephine Canyon, Sta. Rita Mts., Arizona, USA. 30 July 2013.

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LEAVES: White veins and white needle-spines make the deeply lobed, dark green leaves very conspicuous. The needles deliver stinging chemicals into the skin if one is careless enough to brush against them.

RANGE: In Arizona this plant is restricted to lower canyons and slopes of the Sky Island Mountains in the southeast. Ranges into Mexico.

PERENNIAL: Above ground portions are mostly herbaceous and mostly less than a meter tall.

FLOWERS: Bright white flowers appear after summer rains.

FRUIT: Like most euphorbs, the capsules are three-parted, but these are also set with stingin hairs.


fruit of Mala-Mujer, Cnidoscolus angustidens, photo © by Michael Plagens

Euphorbiaceae -- Spurge Family

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