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Mojave Spurge

Euphorbia incisa
(Euphorbia schizoloba)

Mojave Spurge, Euphorbia incisa, © by Michael Plagens

Observed on an embankment near Pinto Creek, Gila Co., Arizona, USA. 29 February 2012.

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FLOWERS: Complex inflorescence with a central scallop-edged cup and three to five similar cups around perimeter. Very small male and female flowers within.

LEAVES: Broadly elyptical to oval leaves are tapered at both ends. White sap emerges from broken leaves and stems. Smooth surface and smooth margins.

HERBACEOUS PERENNIAL: Regrows for several seasons from an underground stem and roots. Most plants are less than 40 cm tall.

RANGE: Rocky soil, often in the shade of riparian trees or on partially shaded cliff faces.

FRUIT: A smooth capsule with three lobes. One seed in each capsule.


Euphorbiaceae -- Spurge Family

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