Tufted Globe Amaranth

Gomphrena caespitosa

Tufted Globe Amaranth, Gomphrena caespitosa, © by Michael Plagens

Observed along Sycamore Creek, Mazatzal Mountains, Maricopa Co., Arizona, USA. 22 May 2016.

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LEAVES: The alternate, simple leaves are clustered at ground level. The foliage is grayish green due to pubescence.

FLOWERS: The dense heads of small flowers make this resemble a composite. What appears to be small white petals are actually papery white bracts.

PERENNIAL: Above ground herbaceous stems grow together in a low clump.

RANGE: This plant tends to be found in gravel soil on terraces above canyon flood zones. Arizona to Texas and northern Mexico.

FRUIT: Each of the many small flowers in the head gives rise to a capsule holding a singe seed.


Amaranthaceae -- Amaranth Family

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